Digital Intelligence: Objective Outcomes

Go beyond simple image marking applications

Benefit from customized solutions for more complex workflow processes and image analysis needs

Ready suite of custom analytical solutions

Reduces toxicology and pathology cycle times



  • Deep learning platform that enables intelligent solutions for diverse image analysis requirements
  • Accelerated diagnosis and objective decision making in the research and pharmaceutical domains

  • Platform Features


    Tissue Recognition and Separation

    Identification and separation of multiple tissue sections present on a single slide


    Division of tissue images into different regions, layers and components for further analysis

    Cellular Level Feature Analysis

    Deep Learning based framework to extract and quantify cellular level components


    Measurement of geometric and statistical parameters related to segmented objects


    Classification of tissue samples into groups based on histopathological features


    Intricate categorization of different stages based on histopathological parameters

    Statistical analysis

    Meaningful and easy to use interpretation of data


  • Flexible, vendor-neutral, scalable ecosystem

  • Seamless imaging experience

  • Enhanced efficiency in the reporting process

  • Reduced pre-clinical toxicology cycle times

  • Easy integration with existing workflow solutions

  • Example Applications

    Spermatogenesis staging

    Automated and intricate classification of 14 stages of spermatogenesis in Wistar Rats

    Normal/Not Normal Classification

    Classification of all tissues of Wistar rat into "Normal" and "Not Normal'' categories to expedite drug development cycles

    The AIRAVAT Advantage

    Built with open source technologies

    Easily scalable to changes in workload

    Supports multiple image formats
    (SCN, SVS, NDPI, MRXS and Big TIFF etc.)

    Integrates seamlessly across multiple platforms

    Easy retraining to address new data/features

    Customizable to diverse workflows and derived features

    Integrates high performance computing techniques

    Delivers real-time image analysis


    Image Processing

    Custom algorithms for image segmentation and feature extraction

    Deep Learning

    Advanced AI and DL techniques for accurate analysis and objective decision making

    High Performance Computing

    GPU and cluster based computing resources for real time image analysis


    Welcome to AIRA MATRIX!
    (Formerly doing business as Aditya Imaging Information Technologies)

    AIRA Matrix provides image analysis and management solutions for preclinical toxicology and pathology applications. Our deep-learning based platform helps pathologists analyze large volumes of image data and quickly helps focus on relevant study findings.

    Our solutions go well beyond the simple marking applications currently offered in the industry; instead our solutions address the more complex workflow processes and image analysis issues faced in pathology reporting.

    Our passionate team brings technological and domain expertise in image processing, deep learning, high performance computing, toxicology and pathology to create sophisticated products for digital pathology applications.

    We would love to show how our solutions help you. Just contact us here.


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