Study Creation

AIRADHI is expressly designed to automate workflows in preclinical studies.

Ability to use individual modules that best fit specific organization requirements and study needs, without the need for large systems licensing or integration.

  • Highly customizable, with easy ways to create and configure studies.
  • Multiple user roles to fit internal workflows, peer reviews and authorization processes.

Image Management

Compatible with multiple image formats and various scanner brands.

  • Customizable gallery and study display that can be easily adapted to existing pathology workflows and hierarchies.
  • Seamless integration with native applications like LIMS and workflow management systems.

Universal Image Viewer

Supports reading, viewing and saving to multiple image formats.

Several unique features to help pathologists:

  • Comparison of multiple images.
  • Batch Annotations feature for quick duplication of annotations.
  • Hands-free navigation mode.
  • Easy search based on users, shapes, features, etc..

Digital Collaboration

Real-time sharing and viewing of digital images across locations. Expressly designed to handle large images typical of pathology studies.

  • Facilitates virtual consultations and digital conferences for peer reviews and second opinions.
  • Annotation marking feature with an integrated chat module for host and participants to conduct real-time discussions.
NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all products are “Research Use Only”; not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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