AIRAVAT has two diverse platforms; AIRADHI (image management) and AIRAVAT (image analysis). While AIRADHI helps transform pathology workflows and streamlines data management and sharing across organizations, AIRAVAT provides a a ready ecosystem for flexible application development and easy creation of deep learning models for specific pathology use cases.
This platform centricity enables quick automation of imaging workflows to reduce turnaround times, improve quality and thereby resulting in augmented productivity.
The platforms are vendor-neutral, support collaboration across teams and can be easily integrated with other digital laboratory solutions.


Deep-learning platform with image analysis solutions for diagnostic & pharma domains.

Workflow Efficiency Solutions

AI  based decision support solutions with applications in preclinical and clinical pathology. These automated classifiers perform several tasks in the imaging workflow such as feature identification, quantification, triaging, and inferencing.

These pre-built solutions can thus help improve workflow efficiency and increase diagnostic accuracy in research labs, drug discovery studies and clinics.

Apps that automate repetitive tasks such as identification and quantification of features of interest.

Improve speed, precision and reproducibility of observations in routine diagnosis.

Decision Support solutions for accurate screening and triaging of histopathology images.

Help focus on the diagnostically significant subset to achieve time and resource savings.

DL/ML based analysis solutions that automate multifactorial grading and staging.

Provide faster, accurate, precise and evidence based outputs to expedite reporting.

DIY Deep Learning PathAssist

About Clariwell

PathAssist is an enabler application helps pathologists craft their own image analysis workflows. It comprises of a set of ready DL networks and an intuitive interface facilitates algorithm creation independent of programming expertise.

With PathAssist, you can create DL based algorithms for routine identification and quantification tasks that are unique to your work process.


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February 25, 2020
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